Sat, 19th Jan, 2019

Achievement of the day: went to visit Fola in Kent and made friends with her colleagues. Another achievement: finishes transaction of the printer. Now it's officially sold. More achievement: I managed to not drink beer today even when everyone else was. Never succumb to peer pressure. Okay gonna drop a major bomb, I've canceled my … Continue reading Sat, 19th Jan, 2019


Fri, 18th Jan,2019

Achievement of the day: I sold my printer!!!! The deadline is at 20th, and I did it. Yay!!! Another achievement of the day: I finally managed to curl my hair like my hairdresser did. Here's the comparison: Straight VS Curly hair ( I somehow prefers straight hair. ) The performance on my GMAT Prep has … Continue reading Fri, 18th Jan,2019